• Harry Culy is a photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He likes to make books and has a company called Bad News Books and a psychic cat called Hank. His work is drawn from observations within everyday life. This website contains selected images from several ongoing projects. for information on print sales please contact me via email or phone below.


Group Exhibitions:

  • Evidence, with Sam Stephenson, China Heights, Sydney, oct 2017 (Aus)
  • NZ Art Show, RT Emerging Artists show, TSB Arena, June 2017 (NZ)
  • LCE4, Lilac City Studio, Sydney, June 2017 (Aus)
  • Pink Bits, Precinct 35, Mar 2017 (NZ)
  • The Big Nowhere, with Max Scott Murray and Robyn Daly, GOJA, Bangkok, Aug 2016 (Thailand)
  • NZ Art Show, RT Emerging Artists Award, TSB Arena, June 2016 (NZ)
  • Sky Colours, with Robyn Daly, May 2016 (Aus).
  • Gaffa Photo Festival, Gaffa Gallery, April 2016 (Aus).
  • Bain Marie,  Australian Centre for Photography, Oct 2014 (Aus)
  • NZ Art Show, TSB Arena, June 2014 (NZ)
  • NZ Art Show, TSB Arena, June 2013 (NZ)
  • End of the Role, China Heights, Aug 2013 (Aus)
  • Remake: Emerging Artists, NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Feb 2013 (NZ)
  • Long way home, No. 5 Studio,  Mar 2013 (NZ)

Solo Exhibitions: 

  • Rose Hill (upcoming), Parlour Projects, Oct 2017 (NZ)
  • The Gap, Precinct 35, Sept 2016 (NZ)
  • By the Wayside, Photospace Gallery, Jan 2014 (NZ)


  • Where the River Bends, In Situ x Ilam, Christchurch, August 2017


  • RT Emerging Artists Award, June 2016 (NZ)
  • Finalist Gaffa Photo Festival, Gaffa Gallery, 2016 (Aus)
  • Finalist NZ Art Show, Signature piece art award, 2014 (NZ) 
  • Finalist NZ Art Show, Signature piece art award, 2013 (NZ)
  • Scholarship, Massey University, 2013 (NZ)
  • WPS Photography Award, 2012 (NZ)


  • Bachelor of Design (Photography) with Honours, Massey University NZ - currently completing. 
  • Diploma in Photography, Massey University NZ, 2012. 

Selected Publications:

  • Art New Zealand, winter 2017 (NZ)
  • Salient Magazine, 2016 (NZ)
  • Seconds Magazine, issue 6, 2016 (NZ)
  • Massive Magazine, issue 6, 2013 (NZ)
  • Blow Up Photography Annual, issue 1, 2014 (Aus)